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Blue Villager
Villager added by Tinkers' Construct
Health Unknown
Damage Unknown
Armor Unknown
Aggression Passive
Added By Vanilla
Spawn Egg Spawn Villager
Visit the Minecraft Wiki for basic information about Villager

Villagers are added by vanilla Minecraft, which spawn in generated NPC villages.They can also be added from Weakness Potions and Golden Apple.

Tinkers' Construct adds an additional villager, dressed in blue. In NPC Villages, this villager live in a house with a Chest filled with Patterns and Tool Pieces.

Tinkers' Construct Villager Edit

The Blue Villagers only have 2 possible trades:


Vanilla Mobs
Playable The Player The Player
Passive Bat BatChicken ChickenCow Cow (Mooshroom Mooshroom) • Ocelot OcelotPig PigSquid SquidVillager Villager
Neutral Enderman EndermanSpider Spider (Cave Spider Cave) • Wolf WolfZombie Pigman Zombie Pigman
Hostile Blaze Blaze16px CreeperGhast GhastSilverfish SilverfishSkeleton Skeleton (Wither Skeleton Wither) • Slime Slime (Magma Cube Magma Cube) • Witch WitchZombie Zombie (Zombie Villager Villager)
Tameable Ocelot OcelotWolf Wolf
Utility Iron Golem Iron GolemSnow Golem Snow Golem
Bosses Ender Dragon Ender DragonWither Wither

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