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Hexxit is a great modpack, and playing it as a change from normal Minecraft is a great way to change the scenery. However, Hexxit has many new items and crafting recipes, and they can be confusing at first. Feel free to add on to this guide if you see any incorrect information.

Starting A New WorldEdit

To begin with, after first creating your new world, you must look for any sign of forestry and ignore the book you spawn with by putting in your inventory and out of your hotbar we'll come back to that later. Be it a small area of trees or a large forest, you need it. I recommend Oak Wood trees too, as they are better for building (in my opinion) and they drop apples (a definite bonus).

Once you have gathered enough wood, about 10-12 Wooden Logs would be good, turn them into Wooden Planks and with those craft a Crafting Table. With this you should then craft yourself a wooden pickaxe using two sticks and three wooden planks. From here you should look for stone or mine downwards for it and you'll only need 3 cobblestone (but gathering about 9 for a full set of stone tools would useful) to craft your Stone Axe. 

Once the Stone Axe has been crafted then you can take advantage of the awesome Treecapitator mod that is included in the Hexxit modpack (notice its message when you started)! This mod allows the player to chop the bottom Wooden Log block of a tree, and...presto! The rest of the tree falls, too. You will receive all of the logs, saplings, and apples (for oak trees) that you would have gotten from chopping the entire tree by hand, making logging much more quick and easy. We recommend collecting at the very least nearly a full stack (64 blocks) of Wooden Logs, as you'll need them.

With the Wooden Logs collected you should now turn most of them into Wooden Planks, but I recommend leaving about 8-10 Wooden Logs to smelt into charcoal in case Coal is a hard-to-find substance on your quick-start new world. Either way, with your newly found Wooden Planks I would recommend rather saving it until you're more fit to defend yourself and mine a 4x4 space into a wall as a living quarters, or quickly build a 6x6 wooden shack to survive with for the mean time.

Once you have done so, this is where you need to start looking for Coal and Iron. I recommend collecting at the least 30 coal items and as much Iron ore as you can possibly find with the durability of your pickaxe. As the Iron will be needed as much as you would need it in any ordinary minecraft world.

Mining for ResourcesEdit

You should obtain an iron pickaxe as quickly as you can - ores, including diamonds, appear on the surface much more frequently than vanilla Minecraft (especially in the Alpine biome), making the need for a pickaxe even more immediate.


  • Caves make excellent shelter for the first day. They only take a little bit of effort to secure (if you have to, build wall to seal off the depths). If you are feeling brave, you can explore more of the cave system to gather resources.  It's recommended that you block off an area with whatever materials you have on hand to make a "safe zone" for you to retreat to.
  • Houses can be made fairly easily, especially with all the wood from Treecapitator.  They have the advantage of being a guaranteed safe zone, and you can begin to build farms and pastures sooner than if you choose a cave for your first night.  Unfortunately, the only way to gain resources from inside your house on the first night is to dig your own cave system (which isn't always such a bad thing, so long as you are careful) by digging a staircase downwards.
  • There are also many structures that spawn with the Hexxit modpack. We recommend trying to find one of these as soon as possible, because not only do they have awesome gear, they also can be an easy way to have a home without the aggravating process of having to build one.

When adventuring is an optionEdit

Once you have a decent arsenal of armor and tools (you may be surprised at how easy it can be to collect materials), you can start writing your own adventure. Conquer a dungeon, destroy a battle tower, and enter new dimensions. We hope this guide helped you, and overall: good luck adventuring!

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