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Transformation Powder
Transformation Powder
ID Unknown
Stackable Unknown
Type Unknown
Craftable Unknown
Added By Twilight Forest

Transformation Powder is an item added by the Twilight Forest mod,and as such can not be found in any other dimension. It is a bright blue powder found in treasure chests and dropped by some mobs. Sprinkling it on some Overworld creatures will transform them into creatures from the Twilight Forest and vice versa. A table of the two-way transformations is found below:

From/To To/From
Minotaur Pig Zombie
Deer Cow
Boar Pig
Bighorn Sheep
Raven Bat
Hostile Wolf Wolf
Penguin Chicken
Hedge Spider Spider
Swarm Spider Cave Spider
Wraith Blaze
Redcap Villager
Skeleton Druid Witch

Transformation Powder is stackable, and the ID may or may not be 7578.

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