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  • Tombstones in a graveyard.
  • A Tombstone at a deathpoint.
  • An edited Tombstone.
Tombstones are objects in Hexxit that appear in randomly generated Graveyards, and on the spot of a player's death.


  • If a player has a name longer than 9 characters, a tombstone will have the player name shown four times.
    Tombstone Bug
    A bugged Tombstone.
  • Occasionally, a tombstone will not show the name of a player upon death. 


  • Tombstones are non-solid blocks and therefore do not have a collision box (you can run straight through it).
  • Without a pickaxe, breaking a tombstone is as fast as breaking a Sign with your hand. However, unlike signs, a Tombstone will not drop without using a pickaxe.
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