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Storage Capsule Station
ID 2001 - 2001:4
Stackable Yes
Type Unknown
Craftable Yes
Is Fuel No
Added By Better Dungeons

Capsule stations are a high-tech way of storing and transporting multiple mobs/animals and blocks arranged in a particular configuration (such as player-made structures).


When placed, the capsule station will create a black outline around the area that it is capable of encapsulating. The size varies between each type of station. Currently, you may only craft the storage capsule station (3x1x3), but you can obtain small (7x5x7), medium (11x5x11), big (15x9x15), and editable stations through trading with villagers. Right-clicking on the capsule station with an empty capsule will cause it, and everything in its radius, to disappear and be stored within the capsule which fits conveniently into a single inventory slot. This can be useful for moving your base, as the contents of chests, furnaces, droppers, and dispensers are saved also. This can also be useful to keep your chocobos and horses from despawning on a server. Once a capsule is used, you may right-click on any block with the capsule and it will place the station and everything that was within its radius, including mobs, in exactly the same configuration as before it was stored. (!) When placed on (long) grass the storage capsule station uses the size of a big capsule station.

Crafting Edit

Crafting GUI.png










Storage Capsule Station

Note: There are Storage, Editable, Small, Medium, and Large Capsule Stations. You can only craft Storage Capsule Stations.
Better Dungeons -- Storage Capsule Stations

All four Storage Capsule Station sizes.

Crafting GUI.png

Glass Bottle


Empty Capsule


  • Capsuling containers from the Better Storage mod can cause problems with the server after un-capsuling.
  • Capsule stations will not capsule item frames, doors, redstone dust, redstone repeaters, torches in some orientations, signs in some orientations.  Use this carefully when capsuling a base.
  • Capsule stations can capsule mobs and mob spawners.
  • Armor can be duplicated by placing the armor on an armor stand and right clicking the Station with a Capsule in hand, when the capsule is placed the armor will appear as a drop but there will still be armor on the stand.
  • If you put a backpack (the ones that you can place on the ground!) next to the station and fill some items in it, then you can duplicate the items by capsule and uncapsule the Capsule Station.(just like in the Note with the armor stand)/you can do this glitch with all the itemsin Hexxit.(including hexical diamonds!)
  • Attempting to capture a structure as large as a walker castle WILL crash the game/ server. Be forewarned. This may result in a ban on some servers.
  • Mobs and Animals can move inside the capsule. This includes moving outside of the capsule area, which causes them to not appear when the capsule content is set down. This problem can be easily avoided when you cage the mobs. Even walls outside the AOE prevent the mobs from wandering away.

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