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ID 7625
Stackable Yes (64)
Type Materials
Craftable Yes
Is Fuel No
Added By Better Dungeons
Better Dungeons - Staff - In Hand

The player with a Staff in hand

Staff is an item added by Better Dungeons. The Staff is an integral component of the elemental essence staffs.  It is not a weapon and does not give any boosts.

Crafting Edit

The staff is crafted with a Diamond, a Stick, and a Magic essence.

Better Dungeons - Staff - Item Frame

A Staff in an Item Frame.


The staff is combined with Essences to craft the Darkness Staff, Electric Staff, Fire Staff, Heal Staff, Ice Staff, Poison Staff, Water Staff and Wind Staff.


  • They can be enchanted (with any enchantment costs 0 level), but the enchantments will have no effect on all of the staffs.

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