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The Soul Reaper
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A Soul Reaper is a scythe that appears to be made of bones. Soul Reapers can be dropped by a Harbringer, or can be found in dungeons. When used as melee weapons, they cause 5-8 hitpoints of damage.

The durability of the Soul Reaper is comparable to that of a stone item, the strength is comparable to an Iron item, and has a higher enchantability rating than gold. 

Soul reaper
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they also work in sword pedestals!
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The only way to repair a Soul Reaper is with bones on an Anvil or by XP repair with the enchantment table. 

With a Soul Reaper, the user may harvest double the souls. Normally, a Common Soul is worth 1 soul. However, if harvested with a Soul Reaper, the Common Soul is worth 2.

Incidentally, the Soul Reaper happens to be the Harbinger's weapon of choice, making it seem all the more Grim Reaper-like. 

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when holding
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