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A floating soul from killing any mob or animal with a Scythe.

A Soul is an entity you can obtain by slaying any mobs with any scythe power attack or SoulSteal -enchanted weapons. You can collect them with empty or soul-filled Essence Keeper or Essence Vessel.


When you reaped a soul, right-click on it with empty or soul-filled Essence Keeper or a Essence Vessel to collect it.


Farming souls is easier than farming bloods, since a soul does not need a special block nor does it get blocked by any block.

The easiest way is using a monster-grinder (especially a Soul Cage grinder), just wait until there is a lot of mobs and use the Reap ability, all of them will die (except infernals), and it can fill your Soul Crucibles very fast.

A harder way is by finding a battletower and just battle using a SoulSteal enchanted weapon, you can get over 5 souls when you 'finish' the battletower. 

In multiplayer, having one person to kill mobs and another to bring a lot of Essence Keepers and collect the souls is also a preferred way.


  • Bosses drop copper-colored Souls, and collecting it will fill a Keeper of Vessel to full capacity instantly, it is recommended to collect it with an empty Keeper or Vessel.
  • Harbingers drop green souls, these souls are worth ten regular souls.
  • Spectral Miner spawns as a soul, upon an attempt to collect the soul, the miner will appear and attack the player.

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