• Shrublands with a shrub on the bottom left corner. There is also a Dimensional Door on the far right.

Shrublands are part of the ExtrabiomesXL mod.

Shrublands are slightly hilly, and are composed of grass and flowers, and a the occasional shrub, which is composed of oak leaves and Jungle logs. Blueberry Bushes can also occasionally be found.  This biome is flatter than many of the other mountain-based biomes.

ExtrabiomesXL Biomes
Hot 16px Mountain Desert16px Mountain Ridge16px Savanna16px Wasteland
Warm 16px Extreme Jungle16px Mini Jungle
Normal Autumn Woods Autumn Woods16px Birch Forest16px Forested Hills16px Forested Island16px Green Hills16px Green Swamplands16px Marsh16px Meadow16px Pine Forest16px Rainforest16px Redwood Forest16px Redwood Lush16px Shrubland16px Temperate Rainforest16px Woodlands
Cold 16px Snow Forest16px Snowy Rainforest
Icy 16px Alpine16px Glacier16px Ice Wasteland16px Mountain Taiga16px Tundra

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