For Scythes added by Tinkers' Construct, see Scythe (Tinkers' Construct).

Scythe (Harken Scythe)s are special weapons introduced by the Harken Scythe mod. They are decent in power and slightly more expensive than swords, although they have a special attack. Scythes have a power attack (Hold M2/right click) that is quite potent when charged. Executing a power attack effectively multiplies all damage dealt by 2 and strikes all mobs near the primary target. When a supported mob is killed with a power attack, a soul is spawned. Souls are useful in crafting Livingmetal and Soulweave. Souls may be trapped inside an Essence Keeper or an Essence Vessel. Note that it is best to collect souls quickly, as many may cause lag and lighting glitches.

There are multiple tiers of scythes: Wooden, Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Biomass and Livingmetal. Wooden/golden scythes strike for 3 damage, stone for 4, iron/livingmetal/biomass for 5, and diamond for 6. All scythes deal double damage upon a power attack.

They are crafted as a row, of your choice material, on the top 3 squares, with 2 sticks stemming downwards diagonally.

Note: it is very difficult to acquire the ingots for a Livingmetal scythe without first harvesting souls with other tier scythes.


Crafting GUI.png






Diamond Scythe

  • Scythes can be crafted with materials such as Wood Planks, Cobblestones, Iron Ingots, Gold Ingots, Diamonds, and Livingmetal Ingots as in this form of pattern shown in the crafting recipe above.

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