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Red Meteor Gem
File:Http:// Meteor Gem Item.png/revision/latest?cb=20150222023540.png
ID Unknown
Stackable Yes (64)
Type Unknown
Craftable No
Added By Falling Meteors

Red Meteor Gems are dropped when Alien Creepers, which can spawn while mining meteors and whose explosion is much more dangerous than their terrestrial cousins, are killed. You can also get Red Meteor Gems rarely from Meteorite Ore(s). With the Red Meteor Gems, you can craft Blocks of Red Meteor Gem, Meteor Time Detectors, Meteor Crash Detectors, Meteor Summoners, and Unknown Meteor Summoners.

Red Meteor Gems are also used to upgrade your Meteor Shield to cover more land with protection against  falling meteors. Just right-click the Meteor Shield with a Red Meteor Gem in your hand to upgrade your Meteor Shield.

NOTE: Meteor Shield increases at 20% intervals.