Printing Press
Grid Printing Press
ID 1077
Stackable Yes (64)
Type Unknown
Craftable Yes
Added By Bibliocraft

The Printing Press is a machine block in the BiblioCraft mod that enables you to duplicate written books without having to retype a new one manually.

Crafting Edit

Crafting GUI.png

Iron Ingot

Oak Wood Slab

Block of Iron

Blaze Rod

Weighted Pressure Plate (Heavy)

Block of Iron

Iron Ingot

Oak Wood Slab

Block of Iron

Printing Press

Usage Edit

First craft the Printing Press, and then place it down. If you have not read about the Typesetting Table, then do so, as you need to have your pre-copied and saved book on the printing case that you use to print more books.

Materials: Extra books, ink, and your saved printing chase.

  1. Put the saved printing chase into the flat panel in the center of the printing press by right-clicking. If standing in front of it does not work, try in a diagonal manner.
  2. After your chase is properly set, add your ink by right-clicking into the ink well above the panel holding the chase, if you can not get it to work you can try from the top.
  3. If you have those two set and ready to go, now add your existing extra books onto the left side of the printing press where it will be held until all books are used up.
  4. The printing press does not need a redstone current, and once you put the books down, it will start printing extra books. These will be automatically placed on the right side of the printing press when copied.
  5. The Printing Press should take no longer than 8–10 seconds to make one copy. With more books, it will continue even after you take it off the press. So be careful if you don't plan to make more than one copy.


  • You can store books on the printing press by right-clicking on it with them in your hand.
  • Printing Presses can rarely be found in battle towers. They can also be found in chests on pirate ships.

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