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A Gold-Armored Pirate
Health 20 (Heartx10)
Damage (Easy) 4-6
Damage (Normal) 5-10
Damage (Hard) 7-15
Armor Unknown
Aggression Hostile
Spawns Various Ships
Breedable? No
Mountable? No
Tameable? No
Drops Iron, Gold,Diamonds,Various Essences,Emerald Shards, Melons
Added By Better Dungeons

Pirates are hostile mobs found in various types of Ships generated by Better Dungeons. They resemble Steve and wear full armor of a type (Leather, Chain mail, Iron, Gold or Diamond). They have a primary weapon, a sword of the same material as their armor (Stone sword for the Chain mail armored Pirates), and some have a secondary weapon. The secondary weapon is randomly picked, and can be a Revolver, HookShoot, Shield or other compatible items. They have 20 health points (10 hearts) which is the same as the player. Their swords have a chance to apply Nausea and deal damage based on the type of sword they are carrying. They often drop ingots or gems based on their armor (iron ingots for iron armor, diamonds for diamond armor, etc.), melon slices, and Essences. If they go in water, they will spawn a boat.

Tips for fighting a Pirate: Either attack them from underwater when they are on their boat, or attack them from the water's edge.

Types of PiratesEdit


Normal Pirates have Gold, Iron, Leather, Diamond or Chain Armor, and carry a Gold, Iron, Wood, Diamond or Stone Sword, whichever matches their armor.

Pirate GunnerEdit

Pirate Gunners are equipped with a Revolver.

Pirate HealerEdit

Pirate Healers have Gold Armor and carry a Healing Staff.

Pirate SpearmanEdit

Pirate Spearmen have Iron Armor and an Iron Spear.

Pirate BerserkerEdit

Pirate Berserkers are equipped with a Giant Sword.

Pirate DefenderEdit

Pirate Defenders wear Gold Armor and carry a Gold Sword and a Pirate Shield.

Pirate Bannerman Edit

Pirate Bannermen hold a large banner which grants nearby pirates infinite strength,speed and resistance effects until their death.


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