Pig Mage
Pig mage
Health 250 (Heartx125)
Damage 4 (HeartHeart)
Armor 0
Aggression Yes
Breedable? No
Mountable? No
Tameable? No
Drops Cursed bone, magma cream, gold ingots, Lich robe (rare), and Vampiric staff (rare).
Added By Better Dungeons

The Pig Mage is a boss mob added by Better Dungeons which can be found in Nether Villages. It will spawn Wither Skeletons and casts fireballs when threatened.

The Pig mage's attack strategy is to shoot fireballs out of its Vampiric Staff while spawning wither skeletons known as "summon undead" to help fight.


Pig Mage and his minions

Drops Edit

The Pig Mage can drop cursed bones, magma cream , gold ingots, and rarely a Lich robe and its Vampiric staff , along with experience.