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Meteor Timer
ID Unknown
Stackable Unknown
Type Item
Craftable Yes
Tool Yes
Smeltable No
Is Fuel No
Added By Falling Meteors

A Meteor Timer is from the Falling Meteors Mod meant to help you find meteors. It is a flat block that somewhat resembles the size of a Minecraft Daylight Sensor, but is two pixels taller. The Meteor Timer has two modes; Quick Mode and Power Mode that can be changed by right clicking the Meteor Timer. When right clicked, it will display a message to the user in the chat menu saying what mode it is. On Power Mode, it sends a redstone signal that shows how long until the next meteor hits. The strength of the redstone signal depends on how long until the next meteor hits. When the redstone signal gets to 15 blocks (full strength), the meteor hits. On Quick Mode, the Meteor Timer sends out a redstone signal just before the next meteor is about to hit. This can be useful if you were to have some kind of meteor control center, and lights flash when a meteor is about to hit.

Crafting Edit

Crafting GUI.png

Meteorite Ingot

Meteorite Block

Frozen Iron


Kreknorite Ingot

Meteorite Block

Meteor Timer

Note: You can use Fallen Meteors instead of Meteors.

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