Meteor Proximity Detector
ID 6083
Stackable no
Type Utility
Craftable yes
Added By Falling Meteors

A Meteor Proximity Detector, added by Falling Meteors, reveals the location of where the closest meteor will fall, but not necessarily the next one that will fall. If the detector is spinning around randomly, that means that there are no meteors currently detected. This device is best used with the Meteor Time Detector or the Meteor Timer as it will tell you whether the Meteor is the next to fall or not, While the Meteor Timer gives the amount of time left before the Meteor falls. The proximity detector will appear to scan randomly around you, and upon locating a meteor it will act like a compass towards it.

Crafting Edit

The Meteor Proximity Detector is created using 4 Meteor Chips and 1 Redstone.

Crafting GUI.png

Meteor Chip

Meteor Chip


Meteor Chip

Meteor Chip

Meteor Proximity Detector

Notes Edit

  • While it may look like it works inside of an Item Frame, it will fail to function as expected. It will update the display to match the item in hand but will not show where it is from the frames location. A room would be necessary to make use of this to have a more pinpointed location off of item frames.

History Edit

  • This item does not exist in Hexxit 2.0 versions due to the removal of the Falling Meteors mod, but was however added back in Hexxit 3.0 versions and later.

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