Marble Cobblestone
ID Unknown
Stackable Yes (64)
Type Unknown
Craftable No
Opacity Opaque
Smeltable Yes
 Marble Cobblestone is a slightly brighter version of the regular Cobblestone added by Artifice. It is as durable but less useful than cobblestone as it is not possible to craft tools or weapons with marble cobblestone. Similarly to Marble, it is softer/quicker to mine than cobblestone. It is obtained via mining marble without the Silk Touch enchantment.


Marble cobblestone is only used as a building material and can be smelted to obtain marble like regular cobblestone.

It can be crafted into Marble Cobblestone Slabs and Marble Cobblestone Stairs.

After being smelted into Marble, it can be crafted into bricks, stairs, pavers, etc.

Marble Cobblestone

A piece of Marble Cobblestone

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