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Visit the Minecraft Wiki for basic information about Seed_(level_generation)

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Misc. Seeds Edit

Miscellaneous seeds that allow for exclusive types of gameplay.



-2867994966860070111 A rich, fertile land full of diamonds in almost every cave

Villages Edit

Seeds that spawn you near villages.

Seed Description
AWHOLENEWWORLD Large beached pirate ship on one side & village.
TEAMROCKET Spawns in a village with a Dimensional Door right next to it, Tinkers' Construct house
924386989 Spawns directly on a farm plot belonging to a village, with Tinkers' Construct smeltery.
-223490473 Spawns you by an NPC village that shows up on your minimap

Landscape Seeds Edit

Seeds that have amazing landscape or biome configurations nearby.

Seed Description
ReptohealthSCR Spawn near a desert, snowy plains and redwood forest.1 At x:204 z:143 scenic venue for house near many starting materials.

Spawn near a nice mountain overhang that is perfect for a cave base.

Dungeon Seeds Edit

Seeds that contain wonderful dungeon configurations

Seed Description

CastleWE located at X:356 Y:73 Z:10

YOLO!!! Spawns you near 3 epic mountain castles, a cathedral and some floating slime willy ballls sjiwhnjkwqwhdbfnew
1225860920 Just south of spawn (-122, 77, 328) are two massive Walker castles and another one a little further south :)
ChaseIsCuter South of spawn is a mountain castle, mini-jungle, and Walker Castle.

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