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Visit the Minecraft Wiki for basic information about Seed_(level_generation)
For plant seeds, see Seeds (Disambiguation).
Please note that all map seeds presented on this page are not guaranteed to work as described.

This page is dedicated to map seeds. Feel free to add any seed you wish however please give a brief description of what the seed is like, and if possible please add an image or two of the landscape. If you feel your seed could fit under multiple tables, please make an argument why before adding it to multiple tables.

Special Seeds Edit

Miscellaneous seeds that allow for exclusive types of gameplay.



-161898833 Survival Island, Hexxit style. MUST be set to Large Biomes. Start with cheats enabled or in creative to give yourself a sapling.

Village Seeds Edit

Seeds that spawn you near villages.

Seed Description
Pryostatis and Drwaddy Spawn near 3 villages fairly close.
AWHOLENEWWORLD Large beached pirate ship on one side & village.
924386989 Spawns directly on a farm plot belonging to a village, with Tinkers' Construct smeltery.

Landscape Seeds Edit

Seeds that have amazing landscape or biome configurations nearby.

Seed Description
ReptohealthSCR Spawn near a desert, snowy plains and redwood forest.1 At x:204 z:143 scenic venue for house near many starting materials.

Spawn near a nice mountain overhang that is perfect for a cave base.||

Dungeon Seeds Edit

Seeds that contain wonderful dungeon configurations

Seed Description
AWHOLENEWWORLD Beached pirate ship on one side (epic sized) & village. Massive underwater dungeon around -64, 50, 588

CastleWE located at X:356 Y:73 Z:10

YOLO!!! Spawns you near 3 epic mountain castles, a cathedral and some floating slime willy
1225860920 Just south of spawn (-122, 77, 328) are two massive Walker castles and another one a little further south

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