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ID Unknown
Stackable No
Type Utility
Craftable Yes
Added By Better Dungeons
For Hook comparisons, see Hooks.

Hookshoot, Longshoot, and Manualshoot for comparison.

The Manualhook is a tool similar to LongShoot; however, the pull is manual. Hold shift to reel in, and space to reel out. In SMP this item can cause you to become temporarily stuck in space; however, this can usually be corrected by releasing and then re-firing the ManualShoot. It has a total range of 30 blocks when fired.

Crafting Edit

The Manualhook can be crafted with two LongShoots.




Notes Edit

  • With two Manualhooks you can continuously climb tall structures.


  • When using the ManualShoot on some mobs, then reeling them in, jumping will give the player faster mid-jump movement and a slower descent.
  • On some rare occasions, the hook will be replaced with a purple "circle". When this bug is active, the player can neither reel in or reel out the line and is forced to release the hook to make the ManualShoot functional again.
  • Since sneak is used to reel in the hook, shooting at blocks with a Y value below the Y value of the block the player is standing on and reeling in has a chance of the player "bouncing". Pressing jump will immediately launch the player to the hook.
  • If the player grapples onto a block and starts to real in occasionally if they hold space they can fly as if in creative mode up a wall as far as they want.


  • When grappled onto an object, the player will not take fall damage.
  • Prior to Hexxit 1.0.7, this item was named ManualShoot.

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