Grid Locker
ID Unknown
Stackable Yes(64)
Type Unknown
Craftable Unknown

Lockers are an alternative to vanilla chests with the same amount of storage as a vanilla chest. You can stack lockers on top of each other, just as you can put two chests next to each other to expand the inventory. Lockers can only be opened from the door-side, all other sides do not do anything.

The side on which the handle is found can be adjusted. For a handle on the left side (please view stacked locker picture below), right-click on the right side of the block behind it. For a handle on the right side, correspondingly right-click on the left half of the block behind it.

Lockers have a closing animation, which consists of the door closing.
Open locker

Locker while closing.

Crafting Edit

To craft you will need the following items:

  • 7 wooden planks
  • 1 trapdoor
Crafting GUI.png

Oak Wood Planks

Oak Wood Planks

Oak Wood Planks

Oak Wood Planks

Oak Wood Planks

Oak Wood Planks


Oak Wood Planks



  • Unlike a chest and contrary to its name, a locker cannot be locked. Thus, it can be accessed by anyone.

Locker Room

Stacked lockers

Stacked lockers (2)

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