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 Livingmetal is part of the Harken Scythe mod and is created using an Altar of Souls to enhance Iron Ingots. To do this, collect souls and deposit them in the Soul Crucible, which must be placed relative to the altar in the same manner as Bookcases and Enchanting tables. Livingmetal ingots, tools, and armor can also be found very rarely in dungeon chests. Some rare/ultra mobs can also drop Livingmetal tools and weapons.

5 souls will imbue one Iron Ingot and convert it into a Livingmetal Ingot. The Ingots can then be used for a number of crafting recipes, and the Livingmetal itself has a unique property. 

Livingmetal has a connection with the Asgard Shields mod meaning that you can also make giant swords, shields, and gilded shields.
  • Livingmetal tools and weapons.
  • Livingmetal armour.
  • Livingmetal shields, block, and ingot.


The way Livingmetal is used is through crafting weapons, tools and armor. You can also make Livingmetal Blocks, which gradually heal entities that stand on them.


  • Block
  • shaped iron Ingot

Weapons and ToolsEdit


  • Helmet
  • Chestplate
  • Leggings
  • Boots
  • Shield
  • Gilded Shield (Found as rare loot and can be crafted)


Items created using Livingmetal will repair themselves, even while in your inventory, via the act of harvesting souls with either a Soulkeeper or a Soul Essence.

You can also put the item in an anvil with one Livingmetal Ingot and repair it like that as well.

Note: The harvested souls are not consumed by this regeneration, only the act of harvesting is needed for the Livingmetal weapons, tools and armor to repair itself. 


  • The Livingmetal Scythe and Giant Sword don't seem to regenerate when collecting souls.

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