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Grid Livingmetal Ingot
ID 5878
Stackable Yes (64)
Type Material
Craftable Yes
Is Loot Yes
Smeltable No
Added By Harken Scythe
Livingmetal is a crafting material added by Harken Scythe. It is obtained by imbuing Iron Ingots with Souls through an Altar of Souls and can be used to make weapons, tools, and armor that repairs themselves as the user obtains more souls.


Crafting Livingmetal Ingot

Crafting Livingmetal ingot inside a Soul Altar by imbuing an Iron ingot with Souls

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Five Souls will imbue one Iron Ingot and convert it into a Livingmetal Ingot. For this, Souls must be collected with a Scythe and an Essence Keeper or Essence Vessel, deposited in a Soul Crucible one block away from an Altar of Souls, and then an iron ingot placed into the slot provided in the GUI. The souls will be consumed in the process, and one fully-filled Soul Crucible can imbue 10 ingots with souls before depleting. For more information see the Altar of Souls page.

Livingmetal Ingots and Livingmetal items can very rarely be found as loot in dungeon chests. Some rare/ultra mobs can also drop living metal tools and weapons.

  • Livingmetal tools and weapons.
  • Livingmetal armour.
  • Livingmetal shields, block, and ingot.


Livingmetal is used to make weapons, tools, and armor. Nine ingots can be used to make a Livingmetal Block, which will slowly heal anyone who stands on it.

Livingmetal is recognized by the Asgard Shield mod and can be used to craft Giant Swords and Shields.


    • Blocks
    • Ingots

Weapons and ToolsEdit


    • Helmet
    • Chestplate
    • Leggings
    • Boots
    • Shield


Livingmetal items will repair themselves by 2 durabilities with each Soul collected with either a Soulkeeper or an Essence Keeper. Only the act of harvesting is needed for the living metal items to repair themselves, and the soul is not consumed in the process allowing it to be used elsewhere.

Of course, Livingmetal items can also be repaired in an Anvil with Livingmetal Ingots.


    • The Livingmetal Scythe and Giant Sword don't seem

regenerate when collecting souls.