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Keys (BetterStorage)
ID 5426
Stackable No
Type Unknown
Craftable Yes
Added By BetterStorage
For Locks added by Legend Gear, see Locks (LegendGear).

Keys are a type of item added by Better Storage. There are two standard variants of key, one that appears completely gold and the other of iron. They serve no difference in functionality and only have a visual difference. Keys are required to be made before a lock can be crafted for the key.

Crafting Edit

Color Coding Edit

The third column in the crafting recipes can be filled up with any of the vanilla Minecraft dyes. The colors will combine to form a solid band on the key.

Enchantments Edit

Keys can be enchanted for breaking into other locks, or turning into the proper key. The Lockpicking enchantment can also remove the lock.

  • Lockpicking (I-V) - Opens / Unlocks a locked block once, then decreases the enchantment level.
  • Unlocking (I-V) - Has the ability to open more locks than those which were crafted from it. 100% chance to open an unechanted lock.
  • Morphing (IV) - Permanently changes the key into the one that would fit another lock.

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