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Immibis Microblocks
Author(s) Unknown
Website Unknown
Latest Version (MC Version) Unknown (Unknown)
Used Version (MC Version) Unknown (Unknown)

Immibis Microblocks is a mod that adds hundreds of new blocks called microblocks, which are essentially just smaller versions of existing blocks. The mod also adds a new tool called the Hacksaw, which allows the creation of microblocks from regular blocks and other microblocks.

The HacksawEdit

The Hacksaw is the most essential item in the mod. It requires 2 diamonds and 4 iron to make a Hacksaw. Once the Hacksaw is made, you can then use it to 'craft' microblocks in a crafting table by placing the block and the hacksaw in the crafting table together. This gives the effect of cutting the block in half. This allows for far more creativity in creating designs.

Crafting GUI.png

Iron Ingot


Iron Ingot


Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot



Microblocks CANNOT be found in the NEI pages by default so to use them in creative, you will have to give yourself a hacksaw, crafting table, and whatever block needed. Note: Microblocks work with most blocks, although some mod blocks are not compatible.

  • Click to view animated microblock crafting recipes (1/3)
  • Click to view animated microblock crafting recipes (2/3)
  • Click to view animated microblock crafting recipes (3/3)

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