Hexxit Gear
Author(s) Unknown
Website Unknown
Latest Version (MC Version) Unknown (1.7.2)
Used Version (MC Version) Unknown (1.5.2)

Hexxit Gear is specially designed armor mod for the Hexxit mod pack. Wearing a full set of one type of armor gives the player differing potion effects, depending on the set worn. All pieces have the same durability and armor points as their diamond counterparts. These sets are tied for the second most durable armor set offered in Hexxit, behind the Turtle Armor set. These armors can be looted from mob towers, especially ones that descend underground.


Hexxit Gear, Shown Scale, Thief, Tribal from left to right.

Tribal ArmorEdit

For the full article, see Tribal Armor.

When wearing the full set of this armor, the player gets infinite Night Vision, Strength III, and Jump Boost III. This armor is good at range because of the jump boost and night vision, but can also serve as a melee set.

Scale Armor Edit

For the full article, see Scale Armor (Hexxit Gear).

While all four pieces of armor are equipped, the player gets infinite Strength, Resistance III, and Fire Resistance II potion effects which is excellent for melee combat.

Thief Armor Edit

For the full article, see Thief Armor.When wearing the full set of this armor, the player gets infinite Night Vision, Strength, and Speed potion effects.It is best suited to the rogue style of gameplay, charging in and out with a fast weapon like a Trickster dagger or a Rapier, outmaneuvering opponents.[[Category:Weapons]]

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