Hexical Essence
ID 7708
Stackable Yes (64)
Type Materials
Craftable No
Added By Hexxit Gear

Hexical essence are used to make Hexical Diamonds, which are essential in crafting pieces of the three Hexxit Gear Armor sets (Tribal, Thief, and Scale). One Hexical Diamond is needed for each Hexxit Gear armor piece.

Obtaining Edit


Hexbiscus plant can be harvested to grant Hexical Essence

The essence can be harvested from the Hexbiscus flower. It is a rare flower that can be found in many biomes such as plains, forests, and snow biomes. One can occasionally find Hexical Essence in chests in dungeons. It is also sometimes dropped by Infernal Mobs. It can also be found in the Twilight Forest.

Uses Edit

Crafting GUI.png

Hexical Essence

Hexical Essence


Hexical Essence

Hexical Essence

Hexical Diamond

Hexical Essence can be used to craft a Hexical Diamond, which can then be used to craft the above-mentioned Hexxit Gear armor sets.

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