ID 2011
Stackable Yes (64)
Type Plants
Craftable No
Smeltable No
Added By Hexxit Gear
Hexbiscus Breaking

The Hexbiscus dropping Hexical Essence when broken

Hexbiscus is a flower that can rarely be found in the Jungle, Plains, Extreme Hills, Forest, and Snowy Biomes. They can also be found in the ExtraBiomesXL Biomes. When broken, it drops a single Hexical Essence, which is used to craft a Hexical Diamond. These diamonds are essential in crafting the Hexxit Gear sets which are the Scale Armor, Tribal Armor, and Thief Armor. These Flowers can spawn in the Twilight Forest. They're easier distinguishable in the plains biome, rather than a jungle or forest biome.


  • It has a stone breaking sound.

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