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Haunted Armor
Health Unknown
Damage Unknown
Armor Unknown
Aggression Hostile
Added By Project Zulu
Spawn Egg Spawn Haunted Armor

Haunted Armor is a new hostile mob added by Project Zulu that is found in underground dungeons and graveyards. There are chain, iron, gold and diamond varieties. They may rarely drop a piece of armor or a sword. They lay still on the floor until you get close to them, then they will begin to attack. There is a rare chance that the armor will be enchanted.

Project Zulu - Haunted Armor - Gold

Haunted Armor

Tips Edit

  • If you are in a new world, do not attempt to fight with them; instead mark the location and come back later.
  • Infernal versions have a chance of dropping Hexxical diamonds.
  • If possible, use ranged weapons (Guns, Bows, Fireballs, potions, etc.) and avoid melee as much as possible, as they do a considerable amount of damage.

Gallery Edit

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