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Harken Scythe - Harbinger
Health 160 (Heartx80)
Damage (Easy) 4 (HeartHeart)
Damage (Normal) 7 (HeartHeartHeartHeart Half)
Damage (Hard) 10 (HeartHeartHeartHeartHeart)
Armor Unknown
Aggression Yes
Spawns Yes
Breedable? No
Mountable? No
Tameable? No
Drops Abyss Fragment Abyss Fragment
16px Soul Reaper
Essence Vessel Essence Vessel
Added By Harken Scythe
Spawn Egg Spawn Harbinger
Harken Scythe - Harbinger - 2

The Harbinger in an NPC Village.

The Harbinger is a hostile mob that appears similar to the Grim Reaper with a Soul Reaper. It is a formidable opponent.

Abilities Edit

The Harbinger is a difficult mob to kill, due to its 160 health. It has teleportation powers; it will use these when hit by a projectile, or by taking quite a bit of damage. It has the ability to become invisible. However, its Soul Reaper is still visible, making it possible to still attack while it is in this mode. When fighting the Harbinger, it will spawn three to four soul-like floating cubes when going invisible. When these are touched by the Harbinger, or by using the Essence Keeper or Essence Vessel, they will turn into any type of Spectral Mobs. If you are killed by the Harbinger, a Spectral Miner spawns in your place. However, these soul cubes that you touch may randomly spawn a Spectral Miner, without a certain cause of death. The Harbinger despawns at sunrise, similar to other night-time mobs, unless it has some sort of shade. Plus, it seems that Harbinger(s) spawn rate is common during the night at a Mushroom Island Biome.

Drops Edit

When killed, the Harbinger drops at least one Abyss Fragment. On rare occasions it drops a Soul Reaper or Essence Vessel. It can also drop "Green Soul", which when used with a Soul Keeper will allow you to harvest 10 souls instead of the typical one.

Harken Scythe - Green Soul

The Green Soul that Harbinger can drop.

Notes Edit

  • The Smite enchantment does not deal additional damage to Harbingers.
  • Very Rarely, Harbingers may spawn or gather in groups of three.

Bugs Edit

  • Don't try to attack Harbinger for too long, it might try to summon an entity that will make your world keep crashing, in other words, it will become unplayable!


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