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Livingmetal glaive copy

Livingmetal Glaive

Glaives are weapons introduced with the Harken Scythe mod. They carry decent attack damage and are quite a bit more expensive than vanilla swords. Glaives can charge for a power attack instead of blocking. Upon releasing this attack, its base damage is doubled and all enemies near the target are struck at the same time. Glaive power attacks will always bleed the enemy, allowing you to harvest blood with an Essence Keeper or Essence Vessel, a vital component in crafting blood-related items such as biomass and bloodweave.

Base Damage Values:

Material Damage
Wood 3
Stone 4
Iron 5
Gold 3
Diamond 6
Livingmetal 5
Biomass 5

Crafting Edit

Crafting GUI.png








Diamond Glaive

Note: Diamonds can be replaced by Iron Ingots, Gold Ingots, Stone, Wood, and Livingmetal Ingots, and Biomass.


  • Even if it appears to physically "hit" one enemy, damage will be dealt to all enemies directly surrounding the player.
  • Though each "Power attack" appears to be a single use, the durability subtracted is dependent on the number of mobs hit by the attack.
  • All mobs hit by the "Power attack" will produce a blood pool, but the pool will not necessarily be large enough to harvest, at times being only a few droplets.
  • The "Power attack" can be useful if surrounded by a number of enemies,whether mobs or in PVP.

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