ID 1234:4
Stackable Yes (64)
Type Unknown
Craftable No
Added By Natura

Fusewood is one of the nether trees added by Natura. It can be characterized by a dark green and olive color, and will explode when destroyed, dealing no damage but knocking back the player. Fusewood tools can be created with fusewood sticks and planks like other Nether tree tools.

Uses Edit

Fusewood can be used to make

Fusewood, like much other Nether wood, has a tool rating (durability+efficiency) between wood and stone.

Notes Edit

Due to its rarity and tendency to explode when being collected, Fusewood is a very difficult wood to obtain. It has the third highest durability of the four Nether woods (Ghostwood, Darkwood, Bloodwood, Fusewood), so searching for an elusive Bloodwood (highest durability) may be a better alternative. 

Fusewood is not affected by Treecapitator, likely due to the special characteristic of each block exploding when harvested. 

Bugs Edit

  • When breaking the log in creative, it will still explode.

Gallery Edit

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