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Fire Medallion
ID Unknown
Stackable Unknown
Type Unknown
Craftable Yes
Added By LegendGear

The Fire Medallion is crafted with four Bricks and four Golden Nuggets in a ring, with a piece of coal at the center. It can be charged by taking fire damage, and when fully charged, it takes on a purple enchanted item sheen.


When right-clicked and thrown as a projectile, it creates 3 fireballs that expand outwards from the point of impact in a growing circle. Once they have reached their maximum range, they will stop moving, and any mobs within the encircled area will be dealt splash fire damage by the same particles. This fire will not damage any blocks.

When the Fire Medallion is placed in a crafting grid with a sword, the latter gains a fire augmentation effect which allows the player to shoot fireballs in a similar manner to a blaze. Doing this, however, costs 39 uses of the sword,

It can also be used to craft the Pyro Amulet and Headband of Valor.


Fire Medallion

Pyro Amulet

Headband of Valor

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