Ender Giant Sword
2013-08-21 21.08.56
ID 5569
Stackable No
Type Weapons
Craftable Yes
Durability 1350
Damage 9 (HeartHeartHeartHeartHeart Half)
Enchantable Yes
Smeltable No
Added By Asgard Shield

Ender Giant Sword is a Giant Sword added by Asgard Shield addon and as such acts as a half-shield, half-sword that is able to totally block all sources of combat damage by right-clicking. In comparison to a Diamond Sword , it does two extra damage on unarmored targets while also having a higher durability. Note that a Diamond Giant Sword does the same damage and has more durability plus better passive armor stats.

Although it has the particle effect like Nether PortalEnderman or Ender Chest from Vanilla Minecraft, this sword cannot teleport the player. 

Crafting Edit

Crafting GUI.png


Blaze Rod


Eye of Ender




Ender Giant Sword


  • This sword may look like it came from the More Swords mod, since the More Swords mod also has a specific enchantment that can let the player teleport with it for free. However, it didn't.
  • It will give off Ender particles when the player blocks or attack another mob.
  • It can be repaired in an Anvil using Obsidian.
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