The Elixer [sic] of Bounding is an elixir that when drunk gives you a Jump Boost II effect for five minutes. it is one of the many elixirs added from the mod, and is one of the only ways to get the jump boost effect in survival (one of the other ways is the Alchemical Celerity). Having jump boost can be extremely helpful to get out of a sticky situation or to scale buildings like battle towers. It may also hinder the player, especially in reaching short ledges.

Crafting Edit

The Elixir of Bounding requires 1 feather, 1 glowstone dust, 1 redstone, and 1 Condensed Solvent.

Crafting GUI.png

Condensed Solvent



Glowstone Dust

Elixer of Bounding

Its only crafting use currently is in the making of Alchemical Potence, which requires four Elixirs of Bounding in its recipe. 

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