2013-07-30 09.15.13
Health 20 (Heartx10)
Damage (Easy) 3 (HeartHeart Half)
Damage (Normal) 5 (HeartHeartHeart Half)
Damage (Hard) 7 (HeartHeartHeartHeart Half)
Armor 0
Aggression Neutral
Breedable? No
Mountable? No
Tameable? No
Drops Talon Talon
Feather Feather
Added By Project Zulu
Spawn Egg Spawn Eagle

The Eagle is a mob added by Project Zulu. They cannot be tamed and are often found in the Extreme Hills biomes. When attacked, they will attack the player, slowly flying down with talons out. They can drop Talons and Feathers upon death.

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