Cursed Bone
2013-06-21 20.22.55
ID 7631
Stackable No
Type Summon
Craftable No
Is Loot Yes
Durability 8
Added By Better Dungeons

Cursed Bone is an item added by Better Dungeons. Cursed Bone lets the user to summon up to 10 Summoned Undead mobs by right-clicking the ground, even though its durability is limited to 8. Cursed Bone cannot be enchanted through the Vanilla Minecraft Enchantment Table. However, owed the use of Enchanting Plus, Unbreaking and other enchantments can be placed on the item.

Obtaining Edit

Cursed Bone can only be acquired as a dropped item from the Necromancer, Liche, and Pig Mage.

Notes Edit

  • Adding Unbreaking III, on average, will allow 36 skeletons to be summoned before the item breaks.
  • Some of the Summoned Undead mobs can be Infernal Mobs and in some cases may be more harmful to the player than helpful as the infernal modifiers do not recognize the mob being friendly toward the player.


  • Zombie minions spawned with the Zombie Scepter from the Twilight Forest mod will attack these because as they are the same mob as the Liche's minions but loyal to the player, they are detected as hostile mobs.
    2013-11-22 17.25.46

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