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Cross of Mercy
2013-08-09 14.32.41
ID 6415
Stackable No
Type Weapons
Craftable Yes
Durability 64
Damage 4 (HeartHeart)
Enchantable Yes
Added By Xeno's Reliquary

Cross of Mercy is an item added by Xeno's Reliquary. It functions similar to a sword, with the exception that upon striking an undead creature (skeletons, wither skeletons, zombies, Zombie Pigmen and the Wither), it unleashes a "holy blast of concussive force" that damages and knocks back all undead around the target.

It can be found in top-tier Battletower chests. These can be enchanted and repaired, so using an unbreaking book or using an enchanting table is a good idea. This weapon, while useful and costly, has somewhat low durability (64 uses). Thus, as soon as you can, enchant it with Unbreaking. It does 4 damage but slight more for the undead.

Crafting Edit

Crafting GUI.png


Gold Ingot

Glowing Water

Gold Ingot


Gold Ingot

Glowing Water

Gold Ingot

Glowing Water

Cross of Mercy

Xeno's Reliquary - Cross of Mercy - In Hand

The player holding onto a Cross of Mercy

Xeno's Reliquary - Cross of Mercy - Attack

Striking two Zombies at once with a Cross of Mercy


  • This item has tooltip saying, "Damn, that thing's heavy! That, my friend, is because it's so full of mercy." This is a reference to Trigun Season 1, Episode 9.

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