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Kitty Comet
Comet Kitty
Health 16 (Heartx8)
Damage 0
Armor 0
Aggression No
Breedable? Yes
Tameable? Yes
Added By Falling Meteors
Comet Kitties

A fully grown Comet Kitty standing to a baby Comet Kitten.

Comet kitty

The Kitty Comet will appear on a very rare occurrence. There will be a massive meteor shower that will rain down comet kitties from space. While these comets cause a lot of damage, they also leave the rare comet Kitty behind.


Comet Kitties are black cats wearing space helmets, and have a tail like an ocelot. They are probably coming from space.

The Kitty Comet event leaves floating black boxes in the air with peering green eyes on one side. They drop randomly in the meteor shower and leave an explosion similar to a creeper's but about twice the size. Once they have dropped, in the midst of the explosion the comet kitty will emerge from the box and the box will disappear.


Comet Kitties can be tamed just as one might tame an Ocelot. The player must approach it 'slowly' to prevent scaring the cat away before it is tamed with Raw Fish. Like Ocelots, they scare Creepers away. However, unlike normal cats, Comet Kitties are completely resistant to fire damage (able to survive in Lava). They also have more health than Ocelots.


  • Dying to a Kitty Comet crashing can result in a loss of gear, because the crash is an explosion and can destroy floating items.


  • They can be bred with tamed Ocelots (Cats), and will always result in a normal cats, not Comet Kitties.
  • There is a command called /kittyattack, which will cause several Kitty Comets to rain down.
  • Comet Kitties are resistant to fire, making them a more durable pet then a normal vanilla cat. 

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