Coconut shells are one of the byproducts from splitting a Coconut. Coconut Shell can be used to make bowls.

Obtaining Edit

Crafting GUI.png

Wooden Sword


Coconut Seed

Crafting the above will make the following in the crafting table as soon as you pull out the seed.

Crafting GUI.png

Coconut Milk Fragment

Wooden Sword -1

Coconut Shell

Uses Edit

Crafting GUI.png

Coconut Shell

Coconut Shell

Coconut Shell



  • They stack to 12.

Bugs Edit

  • If you use a 2x2 crafting grid, you will not get any of the byproducts. =
  • It seems that if using a crafting table and placing a coconut shell on-top of a coconut shell anywhere in the grid lets you craft one coconut shell, making one of the two used cease to exist.

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