Chest Transporter
ID 7732
Stackable No
Type Utility
Craftable Yes
Smeltable No
Effects Slowness III (**:**)
Jump Boost -1 (**:**)
Mining Fatigue IV (**:**)
Hunger I (**:**)
Added By Chest Transporter
Chest transporter

The chest transporter (in hand) as well as the debuffs.

Chest Transporter is an item added by the mod of the same name. It can only be used once and is used to transport a chest and all of its contents to another location. It will not work on any chest besides the vanilla Chest.


While a chest is being held in a transporter, it will inflict on the holder Slowness III, Jump boost (-1), Mining Fatigue IV, and Hunger I until the chest is placed


Crafting GUI.png







Chest Transporter

Bugs Edit

  • Placing the Chest Transporter (with a held chest) in a BagKnapsack, or Backpack prevents the player from suffering the debuff effects, as they only affect the player whose inventory contains the in-use transporter. This may be useful for faction raiding in servers.


  • This item bypasses most plugin protections, and usually is banned in servers.

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