Basalt Cobblestone
Grid Basalt Cobblestone
ID Unknown
Stackable Yes (64)
Type Materials
Craftable Unknown
Opacity Opaque
Smeltable Yes
Added By Artifice

Basalt Cobblestone is a block added by Artifice. Basalt Cobblestone is like regular Cobblestone but darker in appearance, and is located pretty far down in the Overworld. Basalt Cobblestone will drop from mining Basalt. Basalt Cobblestone is more commonly found at the bottom of Volcano dungeons.

Uses Edit

Basalt Cobblestone is used in a furnace to smelt into Basalt.


  • In the real world, basalt is the predominant rock in oceanic crust. However, there is no basalt to be found at the bottom of the Hexxit ocean.

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