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Altar of Blood
Altar of Blood ig
ID 1131
Stackable Yes (64)
Type Utility
Craftable Yes
Added By Harken Scythe

Altar of Blood is a new block from Harken Scythe. It requires a Blood Crucible 1 block away from it (Similar to enchanting tables near bookshelves, but obstructions don't affect the Altars)

Crafting Edit

Crafting GUI.png

Ender Pearl


Book of Carnage



Ender Pearl


Altar of Blood

Uses Edit

It is used to turn Wool of any color into Bloodweave. It will cost 11 Blood per piece of wool to do so.

You can also "Attune" a book for 100 Blood to make an Enchanted book with Blood-based enchant. However, due to Enchanting Plus in Hexxit, enchanting using this method is not recommended.

You can also germinate Biomass seeds in order to make Biomass tools/armour

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