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Aloe Vera
ID 951
Stackable Yes (64)
Type Plant
Craftable No
Added By Project Zulu

Aloe Vera is a plant added by Project Zulu found in the Desert.

  • They can be a great source of food (when placed on sand near water), yellow dye, strings, wool and decorative blocks (tumbleweed ).
  1. Farming: 
  • You can plant aloe vera seeds on regular dirt, sand and grass blocks (unlike most plants which require the use of a hoe on the ground first) and get a fully grown aloe vera plant in about 1 minute(tested 10 times at different places).
  • After harvesting the aloe vera plant, you can get 1 - 2 aloe vera seeds and grow another aloe vera plant. Also, after planted on dirt or sand, after a short time blue veins will appear on the block, which can then be mined for water droplets, which you can eat for a half food point.
  • If placed within 4 blocks of water (on the same mechanics as wheat), it goes into a second stage. Once the base grows, the plant produces tumbleweed at an alarming rate.
  • Once there is tumbleweed (Use axe for fast harvest) all around it, you can break the stem on top to get dandelion yellow dye.
  1. Notes:
  • As three tumbleweed can be crafted into 6 string, aloe vera fills all your string/wool needs.
  • You can obtain an aloe vera plant in two ways, finding a plant in the wild, or by crafting tumbleweed to get two aloe vera plants.  

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